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Ninja Penguinz

A new gaming community coming soon.  This will be the best place for gamers, check out the roadmap for more info.


Website V1

  • User profiles with avatars, player type, game preferences, and more.
  • Guides & game help
  • Founder member bonuses

Level ups

  • Guild XP & ranks
  • Leaderboards for Levels, Achievements, & more.
  • More achievements added

Social Update

  • Friend lists, connect social profiles, and more
  • Private chats and messaging added
  • Looking For Group (LFG) added.  Search by game, server, mission type/game mode, etc

Bounty System

  • Post requests for help with rewards
  • Earn points and rewards for particpating in bounties
  • Secrets and bonuses that are…ninja secret


  • Add rewards store & merch
  • Use them Ninja Penguin Points (AKA Shurikens!) for epic rewards
  • More ways to earn shurikens

Code Promo System

  • Add your friend code to your profile (games that promote friend gifts, etc)
  • Active member codes are added to promoted section

Member Enhancements

  • Add more ways to earn points while supporting the guild
  • Social network connections will help earn points
  • Quests added for members to earn more points


  • Members can create their own groups (mini-guild)
  • Teams gain ranks and prestige with a new leaderboard
  • Future integrations will allow team competitions


  • Add game quizzes to prove expertise + gain achievements
  • Submit Q&A’s to earn more points

Ninja Penguinz Secret

  • Biggest Ninja Penguinz Secret – JOIN NOW!
  • Registered Ninja Penguinz will get a little sumthin sumthin!

Future Updates

    • More tournaments, rewards, & membership benefits
    • Live training sessions with pro players and coaches
    • Ninja Penguinz acquire World Peace